Provider Resources

Providers may check the status of in-process claims via the AMM Claims Manager portal. Providers may also download EOB in this portal. Please create a new account or log in here.

For a full list of claims processing adjustment codes, click here.

List of Contracted Clearinghouses & Payer IDs

To play and/or download a recording of the Path to Health Billing and Claims Training, click here. Please note - the password, PTHTraining2020, is case sensitive.

Click here to download the PTH Billing and Claims Training slides.

Important Contacts

The Path to Health Provider Operations Manual includes general information including but not limited to covered services, billing instructions, and eligibility information.

For a list of Path to Health Approved Procedure Codes, click here.

Path to Health Provider Bulletin: Telehealth (4/30/2020)

Path to Health Provider Bulletin: COVID-19 Response (3/23/2020)

Path to Health Provider Bulletin: UB04 Requirement (8/12/2019)